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Sensing the Sacred in the Secular

Compiled and Written by Rich Coffey

"...There is a certain craft to good songwriting. I use the word "Pop" in the best possible sense; Pop for me is an easily understood thing, you listen to it and you comprehend it almost immediately. You relate to it instinctively.” - Bono

Song Selection

There have been more than a few special songs in mainstream pop that have touched my life. Through this presentation, my hope is to instill in others the same passion and inspiration these tunes gave me. My choices are obviously colored by my own personal preferences and life experiences. Although this is only a select sampling – see “Other Recommended Songs” link at bottom for further contemplative listening.

Viewing Options

Created as a catalyst for personal reflection and/or collective discussion, this interactive presentation features original photo montages custom-crafted for each of the songs. Where indicated, a YouTube link is provided to listen to the song.

There are a few viewing options to consider. Both the lyrics and the YouTube videos are hidden by default but can be displayed by clicking on a link. This provides the option to start the audio (YouTube Vide) but hide it for a visually less distracted listening experience.

Begin: Early 60s – Protest and Deeper Sensitivity

- Songs by Topic -

  1. Early 60s – Protest and Deeper Sensitivity
  2. A Higher Calling - Searching For or Acknowledging the Spiritual
  3. Fate and Faith – Even in despair, there is always a pervasive sense of hope...
  4. Bible-Based – Verses from the Bible used in contemporary songs
  5. Bob Dylan – One of the most original and poetic voices in the history of American popular music
  6. The Elder Statesman – Peter Gabriel
  7. Special Mention - Seawind

Other Recommended Songs

Additional Songs 'Spiritual in Nature' but by no means complete, this is just a select sampling: