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Digital Performer
Digital Performer
  Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud

A great audio/MIDI sequencer.


Music Notation Software,
This is great to work with.


(Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks)
Successor to Macromedia Studio 8


PC vs Mac
PC vs Mac
  Vintage SynthExplorer
Vintage Synth Explorer
Vintage Synths

I started on the Mac and love it, although being a corporate IT guy now for a few years I know the PCs as well. I have a IBM Thinkpad (laptop) for my train commute but at home all of the music software is MAC-based. I have a souped up Mac Mini and a Mac Powerbook. Both a G3 and G4 (what I previously used) are still operable.


Great sites - I still use (and prefer) only old vintage gear...

My MIDI studio:
Oberheim m-1000, Roland D-50, Roland JV-880, Alesis Nano Piano, Roland MKS-50 (a phenomenal unit), Casio CZ-101 (sadly this broke - I had a fantastic flute sound!) and a few new additions. Full Details Here »

Details on the studio (pics) »

  Trombone   Steinway Upright
Other Instruments

My first horn was a red brass Conn 88-H. Regrettably I sold it quite a few years ago and now more than ever, I miss the trigger for laying down the low parts.

I had an old Conn 6-H and absolutely loved it but it was wearing out and on it's last legs...
I started shopping around but didn't like the darkness of the Bachs or the edginess of the Kings. My repairman recommended the Blessing so I got a custom-made Blessing B-8 tenor trombone. I love the sound—a nice middle ground between the King and the Bach.
Full Details Here

Tenor and soprano recorders (including a Dolmetsch!), an Armstrong flute, a Baritone horn I picked up in a pawn shop and of course a Steinway upright piano.

In addtion, I have a bunch of assorted percussion I picked up on my earlier world travels.

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