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Spinal Tap
The "Stonehenge" scene in the movie "Spinal Tap" brilliantly captured the hysterical contrived artificiality of a rock band's lifestyle.

An eclectic assortment of thoughts, opinions and humor related to music...

A musician's life and the deep spiritual strivings we often attach to (1) a great gig, (2) a great tune, or (3) a great player we've worked with are, as often, relative to that particular time and place in our lives.

Looking back at some later date, the importance or intensity of that moment might take on a completey different vibe in retrospect ("Dude, that gig last month was ridiculous!"). A little laugh here and there helps point out the absurdity of many situations and the contradictions between reality and our often-biased recollection.

As musicians, we are blessed (or is it cursed?) with plenty of imagination and a sense of adventure... This "Quirks" section is both an assortment of some funnier and clever oddities I've collected as well as a few personal recollections and contributions... Have a chuckle (or at least a smile!)