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Song Comparisons

Music is all around us; providing powerful stories, inspiration, and joy in each one of us. Songwriters can meld lyrics and music into powerful and profound messages, transporting the appreciative listener to a reflective state of mind and/or evoking strong emotions seldom reached on their own.

Grouping songs by common themes can often unleash an even deeper appreciation for the singer/songwriter's message and give new life to songs you are familiar with...

Three Song Comparisons

Songs by Elaine Hagenberg, the Eagles and Rich Coffey explore how we all need silence and stillness in our present day hyper-stimulated culture.

Youthful Optimism
Songs by John Mayer, the Zac Brown Band and John Cougar Mellencamp tap into the energy of being young and optimistic.

Crossing the Line
Songs by Linkin Park, The Persuaders and Huey Lewis & The News chart the fringes of morality.

These pages are currently offline:

Growing Old
Songs by Kurt Weill, John Mayer, and Simon & Garfunkel chronicle the poignant sadness AND beauty of aging.

The Loss of Innocence
Poignant reflections by Don Henley, Was Not Was and Jimmie Spheeris

Reflections on Mother Nature
The Beatles, Tom Jobim and Chicago weigh in on the beauty and importance of Nature.

Reflections on America
Steppenwolf, Simon and Garfunkel and Ozomatli probe the (pointless?) pursuit of the American dream and unveil the deceptions of American exceptionalism.

Nuclear Holocaust (The Futility of War)
Songs by Barry McGuire, The Fixx and Pink Floyd vividly deal with the aftermath of nuclear annihilation.

Songs of Hope
The Five Stairsteps, Jethro Tull and Steely Dan sing about keeping hope alive.

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