- original music and arrangements -

Luceat Lux Vestra

let your light shine...

Incepto ne desistam
- Temet nosce
Palma non sine pulvere
- Luceat lux vestra

Vox veritatis
- Ex animo
Gens una sumus
- Esto quod es
Simpliciter amor
- Nota bene

About the Music

Once again I was noodling around on some beautiful sounds on the Casio keyboard and the delicate-sounding patch I used on the opening ostinato pattern of the tune soon evolved into a complete song. As I was developing the arrangement, I felt there was something almost cathedral-like in the spirit of the tune and I imagined a trio of monks singing chants in Latin. I researched Latin phrases (and their respective pronunciation) and found pseudo-religious Latin phrases that fit the melody and more or less created a coherent message. The loose translation is below...

Incepto ne desistam - May I not shrink from my purpose
Temet nosce - Know thyself
Palma non sine pulvere - No reward without effort
Luceat lux vestra - Let your light shine

Vox veritatis - Seek truth
Ex animo - From the soul
Gens una sumus - We are one people
Esto quod es - Be what you are
Simpliciter amor - Simply love
Nota bene - Note it well


  • Casio PX-S3000 - Percussion, Steel Pad (opening sound)
  • Roland D-50 - Choir Pad
  • JV-880 - Synth Bass

Monk Choir by the MGV Trio:

  • Manchester (Earle Bidewell), Glastonbury (Rich Coffey), Vernon (Tom Sweet)