- original music and arrangements -
Palm Trees and Beach at Sunset

Channel Surfer

Welcome to our brave new world…

You’re a channel surfer in a techno age
Blissfully buffered in a virtual cage
Wired to wander where your flesh can’t tread
Delving deeper on a fiber optic web.

Got the latest multi-megabyte machine
With a million pixels dancing on your screen
Its savvy system circuits hurl
You full blast into a brave new world.

Immersed in the realm of high-tech
That’s all that you understand
While outside the world moves on
Without your helping hand…

You’re a cybernaut ready to explore
And go where no one else has been before
Modem mated, online you’ll find
A world of wonder to feed your mind.

Immersed in the realm of high-tech
That’s all that you understand
While outside the world moves on,
Still you don’t give a damn!

Trouble on the street and disasters everywhere
Riots, floods and earthquakes but you don’t seem to care
You’re off quietly pursuing virtual visions of your own private dream
What’s real and what isn’t easily gets blurred by machine.

With a password now you’ve found the key
Where you can live out your wildest fantasies
Put on headset and data glove
And experience virtual love.

Consumed by the realm of high-tech
Your head buried in the sand
While outside the world moves on
And one more flame gets fanned…

Channel surfer
on your own…
Channel surfer
all alone…

Music, Lyrics, Vocals: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

The internet, cell phones, 500 channels on cable TV, etc. -- electronic gadgets saturate our existence, distracting and seducing us...

I tried make the groove sound a little like computers spitting out a steady stream of data (the underlying steady staccato riff). The trombone adds an interesting flavor. I added a flanger to it. In retrospect, I should have added some weird robotic effect to the vocals on the verses. Maybe I'll go back and redo it at some point...