- original music and arrangements -


drifting between consciousness and the sleep state...

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”
- Salvador Dali

Did you know that you spend an average of 70-120 minutes a day, daydreaming or fantasizing from a perspective that transcends normal perception? Between consciousness and the sleep state is an area that allows the imagination to wander. As you drift into a dream state, your level of awareness decreases and you gradually lose your sense of self. You may revisit the past, or explore the future, and in doing so, enter your own surreal dreamscape..

Dreams can be called The Mind’s Mirror because they have a special predisposition for reflecting aspects of you in a way that is puzzling or strange. The ‘newness’ or bizarre imagery of the dreamscape provides the innovative perspective that is necessary to achieve transformation. Source

About the Music
A teasingly simple and mellow groove sets the mood for this tune. The images were "liquified, twirled and/or spherized" to achieve a dreamlike effect. A patch on the D-50 I made ages ago and never used finally gets its debut. The Double Native American Flute is featured but is played as a single flute until the coda...


  • Casio PX-S3000 - Drums, Percussion, Sitar
  • Roland D-50 - Main Electric Piano Chordal Pad
  • Roland JV-880 - Bass, Ethereal Pad