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Back At It

contemporary jazz fusion

About the Music
"Back At It" is a trombone feature. It’s an updated version of an old original jazz fusion tune I wrote ages ago. We used to play this quite a few years back with a three horn fusion band I co-lead with Bill Harris—a great saxophonist. The older version was called "An Afterthought."

There are some really interesting chord progressions in this tune and reoccuring melodic motif jumps in fourths. The solo section was written in 2019 and I had laid down the rhythm tracks a few months ago. It took me until January to finally add the bones—too many other new tunes came up first :-) !

About the Title
I quit playing and recording for quite a while when I decided to switch to a multimedia career and get a corporate job. The renamed title “Back At It” is reflective of my return to playing the trombone and my long-term commitment to writing, arranging and recording original music.