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Around The World...

A Map-based Alternative

In keeping with this site's multimedia/educational approach, this page was created as a new way to navigate to a few multi-cultural music selections on my site... The Instrumental index page was probably getting a little overwhelming for visitors so this page offers a simpler (but limited) alternative. Note: You can hover over a map to enlarge it.

South America

Oblivion (Argentina)

Inca Roads (Peru)
icon From Vision Quest

Reflections (Bolivia)
icon From the Nature Suite

Take Me To Aruanda (Brazil)

Praia (Brazil)

Studio Arrangements - Bossa Covers


Bonita (Spain)

AndalucĂ­a (Spain)

Nikolai's Lament (Russia)

Mysteries at the Tor (England)

Middle East

Desert Dreams (Arabia)
icon From the Nature Suite

Wadi Warriors



Distant Memories (Nigeria)
icon From Vision Quest
Not really totally " African" - but it features the Udu

Southeast Asia / India

Quiet Mind - Chakra (India and Indonesia)
- Tabla and Sasando


Featuring the Didgeridoo

Ancient Origins (Australia)
icon From the Nature Suite

North and Central America

(U.S. and Canada)
There are a large assortment of tunes featuring Native American flutes throughout the site, in the Nature Suite, in Vision Quest and in the Instrumental section.

(Traditional - "Americana")
Arrangements of tunes probably Appalachian in origin:

Cross-Cultural Hybrids

Some tunes are not easily categorized as they consist of a mixture of instruments and/or musical styles from a variety of countries/cultures.

(Brazil, Indonesia and Native America)
icon From the Nature Suite

(India, Peru and Iran)

Gypsy Enchantment 
(Brazil, Indonesia, Argentina and the Blues...)

Dance of the Gahe
(Australian and Native American)
icon From Vision Quest

Dharma (India and American Jazz)