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Live Performances on YouTube

Have you noticed there seems to be dearth of live music on mainstream TV these days? Remember back in the days when there was always a steady stream of artists out there every week—performing live onstage—showcasing their latest song? Lip-synching to canned (yet flawless) pre-recorded studio tracks was unheard of!

Fortunately YouTube has unexpectedly filled that void. Although it's filled with piracy and inane and filthy commentary, there are some gems if you dig down deep enough. Far removed from the current trend of fake "acted" performances, these rare moments of priceless true live music are oozing with the raw edge of inexplicable free-flowing beauty.

Kick back and enjoy the shows... free from distracting stupidity and profanity—but set aside some unperturbed time to truly appreciate each performance: these are gems that only the timeless collective synchronicity of like-minded musical talents can create...

Special Mention Horn Bands Jazz -Tinged

Jude Johnstone
John Martyn
Allison Krauss
Jimmie Spheeris
Tim Buckley

Blood Sweat and Tears
Ides of March

Brian Auger's Oblivion Express
Al Jarreau
Klaus Doldinger & Passport
The Jazz Crusaders
Progressive Rock Rock / Pop Soul/Funk
King Crimson
Gentle Giant
Jethro Tull
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
Crosby, Stills, Nash
  (and Young)
George Duke
Rufus & Chaka Khan
Mica Paris