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Interactive Music Scores - Synced Analysis



The Teora website has been rebuilt sans Adobe Flash. This is great interactive stuff— lots of scores synced to the music, music theory tutorials, etc.

String Quartets

YouTube is of course an amazing resource for viewing scores synced to music. String Quartets are a lovely way to begin your studies.

olla-vogala has an amazing YouTube Channel - check it outt »

Interactive Scores of Symphonies

There are quite a few symphonic scores synced to music available on YouTube as well. Example...


Richard Atkinson has a great YouTube Channel - check it out »

Keeping Score

Please Note - Much of this site is still in Flash Flash Icon


Videos of Scores Synched with the Music

From the San Francisco Symphony to phenomenal synchronizations of scrolling scores and virtuoso performances, the video format has provided a wonderfu tool for studying and appreciating great music. Interactive Video Music Scores

Resurgence (for Orchestra) by Barry Hartglass
A post-tonal orchestral realization. This is a great piece of music!
Note: Score link is below the video/audio.

Solo Piano Performances

Keith Jarrett
- Shenandoah - Transcription

Keith Jarrett
- Köln Concert, Part II c- (with sheet music) - Transcription

Keith Jarrett
- My Wild Irish Rose - Transcription

For the Rockers

Organ solo from Green-Eyed Lady - Transcribed
YouTube Animated Video (score)
Nicely done

For the Jazz and Funksters

Misty - Richard "Groove" Holmes
Organ Transcription (both hands)

Minor Blues - J.J. Johnson
Trombone Solo Transcription
The master...

Body and Soul - Bill Watrous
Trombone Solo Transcription

Hornheads - Transcriptions (requires Flash)
Nicely done...

Online Learning - Studying Music Scores

Music is an important component of the human society even in ancient times. It was and it is produced and consumed by people from all social categories in their daily life. Music making and music performances imply lifelong learning activities for both musicians as well as interested “consumers”.

To enhance these learning activities it is very important to bridge the gap between the formal, non-formal and informal education. Online instrument playing tutorials with sheet music are great tools support self-learning activities.

Blues in F Organ Bebop Licks

Technical Solutions

There are ever-increasing technical solutions for syncing sheet music notation and the and corresponding audio. I personally have worked with Macromedia Director and Macromedia/Adobe Flash and will be converting some my transcription media to YouTube videos in the future.


  • Notezilla Music Notation Classical music library
    "We provide high quality, interactive sheet music - synced to real recordings"
  • These are synced with your computer’s default MIDI sound Library

Animated Graphical Scores

King Crimson - In the Wake of Poseidon
YouTube Animated Video (motion graphic)
3D MIDI Trails - Very cool

Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring
Animated Graphical Score

Chopin - Fantasie-Impromptu, opus 66
Animated Graphical Score