- original music and arrangements -
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Morning Prayer

from the dark will come the light...

Come hear our morning prayer
And bless another day
Keep us in loving care
So we will know the way.

Spirits rise up and unite
From the dark will come the light
Truth and hope must take a stand
To bring back home our promised land.

Music, Lyrics: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

I wrote this as an introit/prelude for church a while back. Universally applicable for all types of spirituality—to me—it evokes an image of Native Americans praying to the Great Spirit. The arrangement is simple - just a Native American flute and the Rhodes electric piano.

For those of you familiar with my music - yes the 7/4 section was "borrowed" from my Promised Land tune. We live in troubled times and sadly "taking back our promised land" is as relevant today as it was centuries ago...