- original music and arrangements -
"When the well runs dry, we will know the worth of water."
- Benjamin Franklin

Water - Babbling Brook

Water is the essence of life. What would nature be without it? The inspiration for this soundscape came when hiking in the woods.* It is always mesmerizing sitting by a brook watching the water flow by. It's in motion yet incredibly tranquil and hypnotizing.

* The babbling brook audio was extracted from videos taken from streamside visits (Wilton Woods and Pequonnock River). The music is purposefully ethereal and seems to ooze into each successive phrase and melodic motif like a water in a free-flowing stream. There are actually four melodies in this soundscape from water-related songs, can you recognize them?

Alplaus Kill
Alplaus Kill - Charlton, NY
Photo: Rich Coffey
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About the "Water" Songs

The melodic motifs were taken from these songs...

About the Photos

  1. Conde Creek - Charlton, NY
  2. Noroton River - Woodway Park, Springdale, CT
  3. Noroton River - Woodway Park, Springdale, CT
  4. Noroton River - Woodway Park, Springdale, CT
  5. Pequonnock River - Old Mine Park, Trumbul, CT
  6. MIanus River, Mianus River Park - Stamford/Greenwich, CT
  7. Alplaus Kill - Charlton, NY