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Walking With The Trees

An array of flutes...

This piece is now available on the Nature Suite CD and also can be found online (YouTube, Apple Music ,etc.). FYI: In the Tidbits section below, a direct link to listen on YouTube is available.
"Today I have grown taller from walking with the trees."
 - Karle Wilson Baker
Waterbury, VT
Waterbury, VT
Perry Hill / Rasta Mountain (mountain biking)
Photo: Rich Coffey
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Walking With The Trees

Walking With The Trees begins with the sound of rainfall. You are in the heart of the forest, enveloped in the lush canopy of mist-covered leaves. As the sun emerges and bathes the surrounding greenery in beams of light, the soundscape takes you slowly past the evolving beauty everywhere around you.

An array of flute sounds keep the soundscape delicate yet the drum beat subconciously connects you to the pulsing heartbeat of the plant life you are immersed in. The opening percussion loop was downloaded from Looperman: Rain Ambience - Only Brushes.

Listen (YouTube) - link opens on a separate tab/window to allow simultaneous online listening: Walking with the Trees

You could easily rename this piece Biking With The Trees as many of the photos were taken on various mountain biking (as well as hiking) adventures in the Northeast. Some of you who have traveled these parks may recognize the trails... they are listed below:

New York

  • Luther Forest - Malta, NY
  • Alplaus Kill - Charlton NY
  • Thacher Park - Voorheesville, NY


  • Huntington State Park - Bethel, CT
  • Wilton Woods - Wilton, CT
  • Pequonnock River Valley State Park - Trumbull, CT
  • Old Mine Park - Trumbull, CT
  • Bennetts Pond/Hemlock Hills - Ridgefield, CT
  • Carolin’s Grove - Pound Ridge, CT
  • Sleepy Hollow Park - Springdale, CT


  • Cady Hill - Stowe, VT
  • Perry Hill (Rasta Mountain) - Waterbury, VT
Karle Wilson Baker
Karle Wilson Baker
Karle Wilson Baker
Karle Wilson Baker (1878–1960) was an American poet and author. While living in Nacogdoches, Texas, she fell in love with the beauty of the surrounding nature, which she described in her book: "The Birds of Tanglewood."
Karle Wilson Baker