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special moments

– the rapt attention and deep emotion caused by the sight of something extraordinary

amazement, astonishment, marvel, awe

"We all know that amazing sensation of feeling part of something much larger than ourselves, of being upended by the vastness of the night sky or the intensity of great music. Research indicates that experiencing these magical feelings also changes how we approach our lives. It can make us more satisfied, less self-involved, less likely to feel starved for time, more grateful and more likely to help others."
-Jenny Friedman, Executive Director, Doing Good Together

How many of you listeners have experienced that golden moment when your child has an "eureka moment"
and they are in awe of what they just discovered. Wonderment, curiosity and discovery are the key elements to learning and--through a child's eyes--a joyous moment. This simple tune hopes to capture a bit of that :-)

Music: Rich Coffey
Recorded at Mistura Productions

About the Music:

Purposely sparse, this instrumental starts with just electric piano and slowly adds the acoustic bass and strings. After the modulation, the acoustic piano replaces the electric piano and the Bass Native American flute takes the melody. The arrangement then winds back down for the ending.

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